Monday, March 7, 2011

Full biography of Neil Dorval

Neil Dorval was permanently board certified as a music therapist, upon graduating from the initial of such curriculums at Temple University, in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, U.S.A. He has worked "hands on" with and increased the high quality of life of much more hospitalized persons and seniors than any person in history.

This is reality. A man of integrity, pride & dignity, with endless dedication and loyalty, Neil Dorval has provided direct music therapy patient care, to literally thousands of seniors (& other populations). He is a sincere expert, who continues to be entrusted by numerous medical and alternate living professionals, delivering the most uplifting, type, nicely intentioned interactive music programs imaginable.

His body of work is overwhelming, impressive, undeniable, and credible. he is a tireless champion, responsible for supplying high quality music at numerous alternate living facilities, every workday for numerous years. Neil's dependability and dedication to his work, as well as his devotion to quality efficient musical presentation & intervention, has made for numerous a much better day, for these vast numbers of people (with extremely real very severe challenges of all kinds), as nicely as for the hundreds of experts who offer care for them. By consistently supplying high level music programs, Neil continues to make the jobs of other people simpler and more enjoyable, as he has throughout his whole career.

The staying power of his business model, has allowed for him to be placed at the highest level of respect in the field of music therapy. His contributions to increasing the quality of life for others are noble, and incredible. join in celebration, embrace the music, embrace, honor, & respect the angelic efforts & work of this masterful musician, Neil Elliott Dorval.

All unfortunate questionable web publishing content & similar print of question as to fact, as well as related government spokesperson's opinions, ought to be dismissed as "here-say" only, and ought to not in any excellent conscience, in any way, ever be the basis for, nor sufficient reason to cast judgment. "Forgiveness & Empathy are Empowering'

Paul McCartney, John Lennon, George Harrison, Johann Sebastian Bach, Frank Sinatra, Michael Jackson, Mick Jagger, Louis Armstrong, Dizzie Gillespie, Jackson Browne, James Brown, Chuck Berry, Jim Morrison, David Bowie, & Johnny Cash, had been all incarcerated. They are all legends whose creative musical influence will rightly carry on by means of time, and whose estates, the mass populous continue to assist grow more wealthy, through the buy of their music for their personal listening pleasures.

Neil Dorval is a man of integrity pride and dignity, and exemplary role model and citizen. He has by no means been convicted of any crime. Alleged charges had been dismissed,
as to the unfortunate 2006 World wide web post concerning a non incident .

That untrue sad write-up continues to negatively impact & challenge Neil's reputation.But this has never diminished his unending devotion and determination to assist others via every day direct patient care, and his "hands on" incredibly efficient Music Therapy programs.

There have been many corporations such as Grancare, Beverly Manor... who owned several well being facilities. They went bankrupt. They owed Neil and scores of other vendors thousands of dollars. The figures accumulated rapidly, as services were becoming supplied to multiple of their facilities every month. They had legal council, no matter ever went to trial, and they elected to settle. There have been no countersuits, further evidencing the legitimacy of the claims.

In 2006, couple of embers of "A Boys Club" in Glendale CA (lawyers, chamber of commerce, policeman, and magistrate), used their corrupt relations to obtain an unwarranted arrest warrant, which according to representatives of the court, was very questionable and curious. Attorney advising as to this matter strongly concur that, the Glendale magistrate need to by no means have signed off on the matter, and seriously questions the magistrates motivation. There was completely no evidence.

Nonetheless, Neil's reputation is sadly challenged negatively effected by an unfortunate untrue Web write-up, written by a no name reporter, who was fed the lies by only
The Glendale police. The reporter by no means did any investigation.He did not website evidence that he truly reviewed (simply because there e was none) nor did he speak with Neil prior to nor following publishing his lies. The matter was dismissed. Neil does not have a criminal record.

To educate those who unfortunately insist on casting judgment, and permitting this fabrication to impact their decisions, it ought to be noted that no lawsuit was ever filed in any other town, nor was there ever a counter suit. The matter was dismissed.However, some undereducated, gossip motivated, less than professional persons,
sadly enable themselves to be directed by this false info. We have the right of freedom of speech. However, when any person conducts themselves in any way
(which consists of exercising freedom of speech), such conduct is indicative of " Actions Contributing to the Detriment of Prospective Economic Advancement".

Most all in the wellness and senior care industry have always stuck by Neil. Numerous extra well being professionals continue to use his services. All continue to benefit from Neil's expertise in the field of Music Therapy.

It is only those who respond with a knee jerk reaction, and rush to judgment, who don't permit their residents to now benefit from the extremely distinctive and efficient therapeutic Music Therapy intervention and professionalism which Neil offers.

Neil does not need any persons making use of his services to sign documents.

John Tesh and Connie Sellicca increased their sponsorship significantly soon after the sad, falsely based article was published on the Internet. Such philanthropy further exemplifies the reality that they practice what they preach. Given that 2000 they have had direct ongoing contact with Neil and know his accurate intentions and personality, that of "Great Will" becoming paramount.

Neil is a devoted and loving Father of two gorgeous children. They are proud of their Dad, as they should be.

If you bothered to care about this matter enough to respond in any way, please care enough to put some effort into communicating positive comments, both in writing and in the community, about the positive contributions Neil has created, and continues to make, growing the high quality of life for thousands of seniors every month.

Publish a positive article on the Internet and "Prompt Hits" to the positive articles. Encourage individuals to click on the "Positive" post(s) about Neil,
so that the unfortunate negative article is pushed down on the 'Google" list.

Honor Neil's contributions. Your efforts are greatly appreciated.This will assist Neil's youngsters see the truth as to their father's work.

For many years, Neil has been a shining light, in the senior well being care field. Thousands of seniors have experienced fantastic benefit from his work as a Music Therapist.